Friday, February 19, 2010

An MSA Death

Another memorial service today. I will, however, only attend the visitation, as I have never met the man who died. I only know his wife through a couple of phone calls and emails.

But, he had MSA, and died from complications of the disease.

Janet found me through my website and asked around at the Parkinson's clinic if anyone knew me. In January, we both gave Joan and Marjorie permission to share our information, and Janet and I talked a little while later. We chatted about life as a care-giver, the uniqueness of MSA, and where we all were headed in the future.

Then, when Dennis checked out the communication device, we were told that Patrick, Janet's husband, was receiving one too. Patrick and Dennis also were in for fittings for electric wheel chairs about the same time. We seemed destined to meet.

In my mind, although it never came out of my mouth, we would get together as couples after both guys had received the new Dynavox that was being built for each of them. I thought about how nice it might be for both guys to "chat" comfortably, and hopefully share quite a few laughs. Sadly, it is now too late.

Tonight, please, hold Patrick and Janet in your hearts. In fact, let's all hold each other in our hearts.

Until later,
Ann and Dennis

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